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Beauty Bucks Pink Design

Beauty Bucks Pink Design

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Beauty Bucks Pink Design

What are Beauty Bucks? They are walking billboards of your work!

Have you ever thought about how Abercrombie & Fitch became so successful? It’s because they “seeded” their stores with a certain type of worker to impress the other shoppers walking into the store—the cool kids who rule the school.  That’s right. They hired the high school quarterback and the cheerleading captain to fold denim, man the dressing rooms and greet shoppers. Why? Because when the popular kids started wearing the store’s clothes around school, they began influencing the tastes of the “not-so-popular” kids.

It works the same way with celebrities. Every designer wants them to wear their clothes, so in many cases they give them away. We want you to do the same thing. Give your services away for FREE to a few influences in your community by using our Beauty Bucks or your own Gift Certificates. Their hair will become a walking billboard for your salon.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Think about the type of client who mirrors your salon culture and your personal cutting or coloring skills. For example, do you work in an edgy, urban salon that does a lot of avant garde color or a conservative salon that services PTO moms?

2. Based on the answer to the above question, start thinking about what “influencers” are in your market. Do they manage a retail store with a large clientele or work at the cosmetic counter at a department store? Are they a real estate agent meeting with potential residents moving into the area?

3. Once you decide, it’s time to plot your client recruiting visits carefully. Let’s say you want to recruit someone from that new boutique in town that everybody’s talking about. Get your coolest outfit on, grab your Beauty Bucks and place a FREE cut or color on the services line. Remember, it’s got to be a free service if you’re recruiting the major influencers to change their look. Now plan a visit to the boutique and take your time seeking out the right person to approach. When you find her, introduce yourself and tell her that while you love her look, you’d like to offer her a complimentary new cut or color service. When she says agrees, try to book her appointment right there if possible.

4. Once you do her hair and it looks amazing, she’ll become your walking billboard. Make sure to give her a bunch of your business cards for all her friends and store customers who tell her that her hair looks amazing so she can direct them to you!