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The Birth Of TONI&GUY - Signed Book

The Birth Of TONI&GUY - Signed Book

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The Birth Of TONI&GUY – Signed by the Late Guy Mascolo

Signed by the late Guy Mascolo

Much has been written about the fashion exploits and global expansion of our organization. This book, however, has a different purpose: it is the human story of the family, the personalities and the experiences that led to the formation of the company known as Toni&Guy.

When embarking on a career in fashion and beauty, it is of course essential to have talent and skills, but natural human fears, difficulties and anxieties also play their part when the attempt is made to turn artistic flair into business acumen. In our case, the result was, thankfully, the company of Toni&Guy. [Hardcover/ 160pp]