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@jacobhkhan: Shaggy Bob
@jacobhkhan: Shaggy Bob
@jacobhkhan: Shaggy Bob

@jacobhkhan: Shaggy Bob

Duration: 90 minutes

Learn from cutting expert and educator Jacob Khan, aka @jacobhkhan to his 436k Instagram followers.

What you'll learn during this online class:

  • A step-by-step breakdown of the shaggy bob haircut, one of Jacob’s most-requested looks.
  • Sectioning tips for a simple-yet-effective approach to cutting a shag.
  • How to cut invisible layers with a razor on wet hair.
  • Fringe Cutting: How to cut a blunt fringe and a softer, layered fringe.
  • Why Jacob starts his cutting technique wet and finishes on dry hair.
  • How to customize a shag and adjust techniques for curly, wavy or straight hair.
  • Dry-cutting techniques for refining and texturizing with scissors.
  • Tips and tricks for blending the fringe section into the rest of the haircut.
  • How to diffuse and style a shag so it looks great worn curly, wavy or straight.

Preview The Course:

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